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Unlock all the locked fire hoses in every floor

In case of a fire quick access to water could make a huge difference in the damage normally caused by fires. That' s why there are laws  ensuring that there are Fire hoses In such buildings like our Evergreen view tower. And there are also laws regulating that these fire hoses cannot be locked away. Yet they are locked away here.

When I mentioned that previously to the management the answer was that people would steal the fire hoses. Actually that would be a good thing. They should be replaced every about 10 years anyway. As I know the management I simply guess that they have never been tested.

A fire hose is the connecting link in water-based non-sprinkler fire suppression systems. No matter how much water pressure your pump provides, or what pattern of coverage your nozzle delivers, if your fire hose fails, the fire is free to burn unchecked.

It is easy to see that the fire department hoses can be subject to a lot of abuse, but what about those hoses in your building? On-premise fire hoses in commercial or other publicly-occupied buildings are usually stored on hose reels, racks or in hose cabinets. Like any hose, they are subject to both physical damage and age-related failure. Just as your garden hose can fail due to internal and external abrasion, or develop a hole or weak area due to aging of the material, your fire hose can lose its structural integrity and be unable to do its job.


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