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#1 2016-06-22 16:30:52

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Extraordinary meeting of all co-owners on Sunday, June 19, 2016

if you have visited this meeting you know that it was about one respectively to committee members acting against the law. For example is it against the law in Thailand to change the management of a condominium building without having the votes of at least 25% of the co-owners in a general meeting.

Yet the committee member who resigned on Sunday did exactly that.

10 days back two other committee members wanted to check the books of Evergreen juristic person. A few hours before the appointment the now resigned committee member kicked out the staff from Evergreen office and sent them home, locked the office and switched off the CCTV surveillance camera.

Away from the question of why the security didn't act ( how can they let anyone switch off a CCTV camera?) another question arises: the resign committee member claimed on Sunday that she lock the office just only because she feared that the staff of BM group would steal some important papers.

1. Why didn't she inform the other members about her suspicion and that she locked the office?
2. And why would someone suspecting something odd going on switch off a security camera?


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